Surf Shark vs Real Debrid using Real Debrid?

My IP Vanish sub is running out and I am looking for an affordable replacement . I would like to no how good real debrid is with Surf Shark VPN . I have been reading that it idose not get as many debrid links as IP Vanish dose ? Is this true ?


Vpns dont cuase issues with gathering links, scrapers and non updated realdebrid accounts effect it.

Surfshark works with Real-Debrid


I used IPvanish for 4 years and it worked fine with Real Debrid. But they began charging too much so I switched to Surfshark earlier this year and it too works just fine with Real Debrid. Honestly, I don’t see any difference in performance or features with either VPN.

I use Surfshark and have no issues with RealDebrid. Swapped from IPVanish due to their silly renewal price.

Thanks for the info will try it…

My IP Vanish sub is running out . Thanks for making up my mind . Then Surf Shark it is .


I have Ipvanish, Nordvpn and Surfshark they all work equally well with real debrid. I stopped using Ipvanish as most of the time it gave me errors Nordvpn was my go to untill I read troys review on Surfshark. So far running Surfshark for about a month with faster streaming speeds then either of the others.