Superman kodi build - how to remove!

Just downloaded to kodi the new recommended Superman build,
I’ve only got The Crew within kodi till now but the recommendation for superman was interesting enough to take a look.
However I dislike that there is an ADULT section in the middle of the home page, I’ve searched and searched but there seems to be
a. No way to remove it and
b. No way to add parental controls,
c. One of the adult sites ‘cumination’ is also in your face so there’s no way I’m having that on the family TV.

Any ideas as to how to remove it please, or do I just delete and reinstall kodi and the crew , many thanks

Unless you made a backup file before installing the build, you have to uninstall Kodi and start over. It’s always good to test out a build before committing to it. In the troypoint toolbox you can download a fork of Kodi (second instance of the app) and install a build on that to test it. However, if you’re using a fire stick or other device low on memory you may run into issues.

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Also, I built the skeleton crew build to be super simple if you use real debrid. It’s also built for using Trakt. I didn’t setup any parental controls, but the interface isn’t locked and everything can be customized.


Cheers Jay, fabulous info, I’m a RD user too and I’ll do exactly what you said and also try a fork version. Thanks so much :+1:

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Instead of uninstalling Kodi and the build and starting over, can’t you just “clear data” to get rid of the build and then install The Crew or whatever addon you want?


Cheers, I’ll try that first thank you,
I would have kept the build but for those who don’t know, Superman launches immediately when I launch kodi, unlike eg the crew which is selected within kodi addons

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It looks like you can disable the adult section in the settings. Settings, skin settings, home layout, customize home menu, disable adult only.


The superman add on opens when kodi is clicked stopping me opening saved favourites on nexus. Any advice to correct this would be appreciated

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Yes I found that, it was a surprise because it takes over everything, ide rather have the option to open superman ‘within’ kodi like normal addons

Thanks :+1: the path I found was
Settings, amber settings, home layout, customise home menu and shelves, adult only, disable :+1:

I disabled the adult section with no problem but I’ve never had any trouble installing anything offered by but for some reason when I got Superman installed through my VPN it is obviously slower than several other builds that I have used. I like what is offered with Superman but don’t like the speed that it finds what I’ve selected almost to the point to where I’m going to go back to another build. Anyone having this same problem? If not, wonder what I’ve done wrong, everything went first time with no problems!!!

just change the build still superman

go to wizard and fresh install simplex red edition 20