Superman build compared to Diggz Xenon build?

I have the Diggz build in my box an thinking of changing to the Superman Build . How do you guys like it compared to Diggz Exeon ? Dose it have the Crew repo in it ? Also will it load in 20.2 Kodi fork ?

Download a troypoint kodi fork and try it out. What kodi do you have installed already?

I have the Diggz Exeon build .

If you have that installed on the kodi app, try a troypoint fork of kodi to try the other build so you dont mess with the diggz build.

I prefer one build in my box .

Ok just try it out and see which one ya prefer. Unless anyone has tried both and can advise you.

the Superman build has issues from what i have been reading in the Kodi Forum…i was gonna try it out …but it’s not worth the hassle if it isn’t working …Diggz has been flawless for me so why change?..

Because I am having trouble with the Crew addon in it . Half the moovies wont play an the one’s that do stop an go all the time . The rest of the addons work fine . Don’t fig .

what are you using to stream kodi?.. i am using BuzzTV android box wired to TMobile Internet and just opened Crew on diggz and am watching Dune in 4K…NO ISSUES at all.