SuperBOX Android TV Box Review - Lifetime IPTV Subscription Included

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I’ve been approached multiple times by SuperBOX to promote their Android TV Boxes. I received another request a few weeks ago for their new model which is the SuperBOX S3 Pro. I said no. Throughout the past year, many of our TROYPOINT followers have asked for my opinion on this Android Box distributor. Below, you…


I would also like to point out something, I really appreciate troy for the review and the input, very easily people get conned into buying something overpriced that says works like lifetime iptv.

This box hardware is not worth the price tag, what you are actually paying for is the supposed iptv which at any moment could go away which is why we strongly encourage 1 month at a time.

The box it’s self is no where near others from 2020 to 2021 model boxes, at that price it should be what the xrs 4900 should be. Or the shield.

As people are cutting the cord please do some research or come to and really look at the reviews.

Ask some one here, I wouldn’t want anyone to get ripped off. Never buy something that says preloaded ever. Come here and learn to do it yourself. This world is full of bad intentions and we don’t want anyone to get caught in it. Please read everything to make the best informed decision. You can pm me if you want as well, but your best bet is to read the reviews Troy and his team have outlined.


Also avoid thos kijji adds for pre loaded content and jailbroken boxes.


Lifetime sub? Yeah, right…lol!

SuperBox still has only 2gb of RAM and 16gb of storage and older processor.
One good feature is that it is a 6K box.
I think for the price, it’s a little ‘over the top’.

These loaded boxes are always going to be a sore spot for a lot of people who are looking for streaming alternatives. Since I had the extra $ and wanted to try an experiment for my own experience, as well as to inform others, I purchased a loaded Monsterbox Max through Amazon. I am being realistic and time will tell how long the included IPTV service will last. The box hardware is pretty much run of the mill, but with 4gb of RAM, 128 gb of internal memory and an Allwinner quad core processor. This box is pretty much plug and play. Just log into your internet from the settings menu and then install your vpn and you are good to go. The box so far runs cool enough. The included apps and app stores are good. The included tv service is decent, but not quite as good as my primary service (which is excellent), in terms of the difference in buffering and screen resolution on some sources. (I loaded my primary iptv service on this box for a direct comparison so it is using the same hardware.) Although it is very user friendly, one thing I don’t like on this box is a lack of flexibility regarding the launcher, which you are stuck with as it can not be changed. I also don’t find any setting for a root switch. I will be providing an update at some point in the future if anything changes.


I ran a check using AIDA 64 app and confirmed this box is rooted. As the box’s processor was running somewhat warmer than I would like, (60 degrees), I placed a usb connected cooling fan under it, which dropped the operating temperature to a much better 36 degrees. The VOD and Playback (Catchup) features on the included IPTV service work well. I tried loading and setting up TV Launcher 3 as my launcher but found it could not load certain wallpapers or any live wallpapers in addition to the responsiveness to the remote being clunky when using anything other than the home launcher. Customer service from the seller so far has been responsive. This is probably because they are an Amazon vendor. Again, time will tell regarding the included service being a good value.

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