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Troy, great shoutout to you, went and joined Surfshark and the download speed is quicker with VPN switched on. Now that’s crazy, but im not moaning
Thanks again.


I agree. Since the last IPV update my speed has been cut in half. Last night my speed was back to normal.

I would just like to make a comment. A vpn will not and can not increase your bandwidth. It is completely impossible. Your bandwidth is set by your isp and obtained with your hardware devices. If you see a speed increase it would lead me to believe the vpn is off.


I would agree with you as well on this @TXRon …the only time this would be possible is if the ISP is throttling the speed. That is probably the only way this would work.


@TROYPOINT Funny actually my speed is a little bit slower on all protocols ( compared to ipvanish). So far the streams are much more stable though. Speed isn’t everything, for sure. I get no captcha phrases when using Chrome on Android, Google search engine, incognito mode. I would assume it is the ad blocker taking care of it. Which is awesome because it is a pain.

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Thanks guys, for the comments all i was really trying to say upto now is Surfshark ( as recommended by Troy ) seems better than ipvanish, did not expect a lecture on isp throttling speeds etc. Anyway thanks again all.

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Lots of opinions help everyone learn about streaming. So many variables, that airing experiences on this public forum will help everyone get the most out of their equipment and software.

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Lately I noticed with surfshark VPN during the day I have no problems with it but the next day I have to turn the VPN off and turn it back on otherwise my IPTV service will not work. The IPTV service is the number three on Troy’s list. I have narrowed it down to the problem being the vpn. It’s on a 4K Maxx, utilizing TV mate, the TV Mate app will work but the IPTV will just buffer then give me a code.

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Whate code are you getting?
Very odd. I have 2 services and have SS auto start with my Max and no hiccups with my TiViMate. What update intervals have you set and do you have the option to update playlist on app startup enabled?

I think it’s code 404 but I can’t remember. Update interval is one day, and I have the playlist set up to update manually. There’s absolutely no connection with my IPTV service I can tell the difference between just a little bit of buffering because of a playlist updating or just a non connection. I have a satellite and my fire stick connected to the TV the . . HDMI. At night I leave the fire stick power on however the HDMI port is on for the satellite. It doesn’t happen every morning it’s just kind of a hit and miss issue. I don’t dwell on it too much.

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Ok. I wasn’t referring to updating causing buffering. I was trying to determine why your TiViMate connection may not be initiating. But it seems you know what you’re doing so I’ll leave you to it and keep my suggestions to myself. The only thing I can add is that I have the same setup, minus your IPTV provider and have absolutely no issues. Maybe contact that provider and see if their techs have any ideas. gl2u.

I don’t mind your inputs at all there Miki, as I have advised u before ur the best at helping people out!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

To anyone above who read my post, i am sorry it came over a bit harsh ( ive just read it again ) it sounds bad. Anyway i apoligise to anyone who has taken offence.
I have been with Troypoint since the fire unleashed days and everybody from beginners to experts will allways find some information they did not know.
Thanks again one and all.


Comment from me too, once while troubleshooting with IPVanish on speed issues their tech people had me switch protocols? Maybe surf sharks wiregaurd protocol is helping speed?

The internet used to be called the information highway. Nowadays it’s the information autobahn. Internet speed is like a car going a hundred miles an hour megabytes per second. Bandwidth is like how many people can be in the car at one time going 100 miles an hour. Your IPTV service only gives you one connection one person in the car at a time. If you buy two connections or three connections and that means either two or three people can ride in the car at one time. You’re going 100 miles an hour but you can only haul one two or three people at a time. If the roads a little bumpy and you only got one connection one person in the car going 100 miles an hour you may get a little buffing because the ipt service now limits the bandwidth for only one connection. However the VPN gets rid of those bumps and makes it feel like the car is going faster but it’s not because the VPN added any speed to it it just got rid of the bumps.

Aj gives a good analogy. Also fyi wireguard is about 4,000 lines of code, UDP AND TCP ABOUT 40,000. So it’s quicker to read a 4,000 page book than a 40,000 one.

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