Super Bowl Drawing Winner Announced

Congratulations to @swvickery for winning the drawing!

Since nobody predicted the right score we did a drawing among those who chose the winning team (Chiefs).

@swvickery I’ve sent a private message to you requesting your shipping address for the streaming device. Please reply to that asap.

Thanks to all who participated in this fun giveaway! There will be more.


Congratulations for the win!

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Congratulations @swvickery enjoy your new toy and STREAM ON!!!
Thanks goes out to Troy for his continued generosity.


Congratulations Swvickery :boom:

A friendly reminder, never bet money on a sport that’s scripted like NFL & WWE :ok_hand:


Congrats on the win. Have fun with the box. And thank you Troy for doing this.

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Congratulations to the winner. Enjoy! A special thanks to Troy for running the contest.

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I was off by only one :bangbang::bangbang:
24-23 Chiefs
Did you do the drawing by closest predictions or just by who predicted the winning team?
(Can barely say it, but, CONGRATS @swvickery

LOL jk :hugs::wink::sweat_smile::joy: – TRULY CONGRATS @swvickery :+1::clap::dizzy::raised_hands::football::football::football::football::football:


I’ll give you my shipping address and then I’ll make sure to send it on to @swvickery

Congrats to the winner…
Then again,
When it comes to Troypoint,
We are all Winners…

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Congratulations @swvickery on a great win. Enjoy the powerstation 6, its gonna be awesome!!

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My prediction was same too 24-23. And had I won, this would have been my first ever streaming device. :tv:

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We can’t all win. Done in a fair and impartial manner. More drawings to come.

For those questioning the rules and how we picked winner you can still find the rules in the actual drawing topic.

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Congratulations! I didnt win the streaming device (i predicted 24-21 Chiefs) but i won at the book :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t questioning the rules @TROYPOINT
I was just having a little fun :grin:

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Didn’t bother me one bit that I lost …

Just kidding folks. Just a little levity for some fun :grin::sunglasses::dizzy::+1::rofl::clap::crazy_face::sweat_smile::clap::heart_eyes::wink:

I’m very jealous lol congrads to you.

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Congratulations on the win enjoy the toy

CONGRATS!!! Enjoy the new toy.