Subtitles on TiviMate

I have TiviMate Premium Using ApolloTV, I can’t get subtitles to work, I tried to use following instructions but nothing works

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I would imagine CC can only be used if the feed from your provider has cc on that specific channel?

Make sure you go into settings>closed captions>enable Closed Captions 1>enable "show closed captions for all channels if available

To get to the CC settings. While watch a channel in full screen. Long press the “OK” button on your remote and then navigate to CC. If you desire to change the appearance of your CC click on “System settings for closed captions.”

I don’t use CC, but I did test it out on Fox News and the CC worked fine. Just remember not all shows will offer the CC option.

Sup Jimmy…

I agree with Power, but in addition…

You can also designate a button for CC, in the settings- remote (to make it easier)… jat


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