Subtitles not working in APKs

Belonging to the Baby Boomer generation, my hearing was damaged listening to the loud music of the 60’s and 70’s. I use subtitles whenever possible so I can actually see what is going on - loud background music destroys the actor’s speech for me. I use Cinema, Film+, TeaTV, etc and the only subtitles that I can reliably watch is on Netflix. I can select to “Play with subtitles”, but no matter which subtitle I choose, it will give me a “sub zip error”. Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to reliably turn subtitles on?


What type of device are you using? Most subtitle settings are usually in the menu. With fire sticks if you press the enter button on the ring you get the gear in the upper right and you can click on it and usually has audio and video settings.

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Hey @ocaladick Right there with ya on your opening sentence (I was definitely in the “well turn it up man” camp & too many Deep Purple/Zeppelin shows :hear_no_evil: ears would be ringing for a week) but I don’t go the subtitle route. Bought myself a set of wifi headphones a few years back. Don’t need them for live tv/news shows or live sports…only for movies & your basic pre-recorded tv series type shows…of which I have a tuff time understanding the dialogue. Just a thought from someone in the same boat…
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I am using bee movive apk and i cant get subtitles to international tv shows it shows options i click it says download but never does

You guys might want to consider something like Stremio.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention I am using a Firebox now. There was a movie sight where the subtitles loaded automatically according to my preselected preference, but I seem to have lost it. The TV ears work somewhat, but I would rather see the subtitles.

Just about anything as far as build/add-on goes u will have to also add in subtitles from a service or two or three, the more the better chances are of it searching and downloading them for u!! They would be found in the “services” menu that’s in the add-on’s settings!! That be the only other thing that I could suggest not knowing how exactly u are streaming!! I’m definitely a subtitles user I love to make sure to catch some of the extras people are saying quickly/briefly or whispering here n there!! I’ve went back to past movies and caught stuff I never even realized was said!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S.-, or is it .org now I don’t exactly remember, is one of the best ones to have and they have the biggest list of them I believe but they require u to go online and sign up for a free account then once u have done that u would go into the settings and find where u would put your same exact login credentials that u had just created online on there!! A :pinching_hand:t3: lil bit of work but not much honestly especially for the wider range of what u get!! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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Watching a movie in English w English subtitles, but there’s Japanese language too, but it just says “ speaking in Japanese” when they talk Japanese? Any way to have English translation for Japanese?

Usually if you go into the subtitle settings of your player you have the option to choose your subs so look for English(forced). That will only give you the English subs when a foreign language is spoken.