Subtitles in Filmplus, Stremio, Cinemahd

I searched for a solution to this, but was unsuccessful except relating to Kodi. I am running the Onn streaming box, but I had the same problem with fire stick. I am not using Kodi. When I access subtitles, I seem get download subtitle successful notice, but then get unzip sub error almost every time. I am hard of hearing and really need them! TIA

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Thank you, much obliged

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I hear ya! When using Stremio, look for Galaxy TV in the feed description. It’s usually included in one of the first 720 links. Once your video begins use the select button which pauses the video, second icon from the right at top right of screen is the subtitle directory, once open you will be able to select Galaxy TV. It’s always in sync with a good font.

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In Stremio go into settings and set up your subs as you like and in addons install the opensubtitles addon.


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