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Using Kodi 19.4 with Real Debrid and using The Crew, how do I enable subtitles?

Hi this is my 1st time checking out Insider.
I also am using The Crew.
I don’t know if this addresses your problem, but when you click the select button you will see a row of options across the bottom of the screen. Almost all the way to the right is an icon for subtitles. Select that and there is an OFF/ON switch. If they are available, toggling to ON will provide them. I have not taken the next step to browse for subtitles if none are available.

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Thats correct, plus subtitle options and cc settings in crew settings.


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I configured subtitles in my Kodi TV box by following the steps provided by troypoint


Will this work with Kodi add ons (like The Crew) using Real Debrid?

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Guys there’s a couple different options. First, you want to check your main Kodi settings. Go to interface settings > regional and set the language to English or whatever your primary language is. Go back to player settings > language. Set preferred audio language to English or whatever your primary language is. Toggle OFF the “prefer default audio streams” slider. Under preferred subtitle language choose which one you want. If you only want subtitles to show during parts of the movie where a foreign language is spoken then choose “forced only”. But if you want subtitles the entire time choose original language or a different language. You may need to have the expert settings enabled to see some of these options.

In the crew settings you can also enable subtitles. I can’t remember if this is necessary or not when you change the main Kodi settings. But I’m pretty sure if you enable subtitles in the crew but your main Kodi settings are set to “forced only” then you’ll only see the subtitles during moments where a foreign language is spoken.

If you go through these settings this way, you will never have to go into the on screen menu during playback to turn subtitles on or off.


Yes this should work. In my case I translate movies and tv shows from English to other leagues for example I’m also using The Crew add-ons.

  1. But first of all go to: as mentioned in troypoint doc and create an account eg. username and password

  2. Install from repository and click on Kodi Add-on repository. Navigate to Subtitles and inside it open and install and in configuration add username/email and password you created from website and click Ok.

  3. Open The Crew add-ons> Tools> Settings: Subtitles. Scroll down to Subtitles to the right Enable subtitles> Primary Language> Secondary Language select the language to be translated to eg. Spanish, for primary and secondary I select the same language click OK.

Those are extra settings I use to select the subtitles without any concern.

  1. Navigate to Kodi system settings> Player and make sure you select the Expert settings than in Language> under subtitles
    Preferred subtitle language and select eg. Spanish. Scroll down to and select some settings under Download Services section
    Languages to download subtitles for eg. Spanish
    Default TV show service. Select
    Default movie service. Select
    Don’t change anything else.

  2. Now go back and restart Kodi. Open The Crew add-ons and play some TV shows or Movies than you should see the subtitles that you have configured eg. Spanish in some cases you have to restart Kodi few times.

Note: in some cases if you don’t see the subtitles you have to select this manually by clicking ok button from your remote control. Down to the right click on subtitles> Enable subtitles is automatically set on if not> Download subtitles than select the language subtitles than go back to watch the the movie or TV shows you selected. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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