Strix apk, what do you guys think?

I had been looking for an alternative to Cinema HD since I’ve been getting errors and bad links whenever I do a search. I found Strix to be a great substitute, I just don’t see alot of people mentioning it, I figured I’d get the word out on it. Or is there some evil flaw with it that I don’t know about?.. Lol :laughing: input anyone?


Have you tried syncler? Also amazing.

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I haven’t had much luck with Strix. After trying it out I got frustrated and discovered Syncler and never looked back.

Strix, even with real debrid sucks imho. All I can get is porn. Waste of time. Deleted.

How weird… I really have gotten good results with Strix with real debrid. It’s Syncler I kinda have an axe to grind with since it adds an extra layer you gotta pay for when other apks do the same for free. I figure real debrid plus the right apk or Kodi addon and you’re golden.

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Actually, if you take the time to compare Cinema with Syncler (yes, paid) with the same show, season and episode and look at the results, you will see the difference. Not only, many more links (provided you took the time to set up the scrapers), you will see more quality links. My go to is Syncler and it is very rare if I can’t find what I am looking for. Free is free and you get what you get, for free. For less than the cost of a coffee Syncler is worth every penny. As always, it is a personal choice.

I use Stremio and there are lots of ad ons. I also integrate real debrid into it.b

Is this a monthly charge or one time? What is the cost?

Tmac, are you referring to Stremio? If so, it’s free.

No, I meant Syncler.
Sorry I wasn’t clear.

With Syncler you choose how many devices (5, 10, 15 or 20 and yes you can share your license with anyone) and the term length (4, 8 or 12 months). So 5 devices, 4 months $6. Best to go have a look your self: Syncler+ | Syncler, except better

Not expensive, but also not free.

Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look. It seems I was going to try it once before but didn’t fully understand. Now, I might can do it & I already have RD.


Syncler is free. But it has a plus version which allows you to use it without adds and better providers.

I highly recommend it and it’s cheap. 10 bucks for 4 months.

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