Stremio without RD or VPN?

My brother in law has seen my Stremio app working and wants me to install Stremio on his firestick. He doesn’t have real debrid or a VPN. When I looked to install it, all of the sources appear to be torrent sites. I have RD and SS on my app so I feel OK but I’m concerned that all of the sources from Torrentio will be torrents and therefore expose him to actions from his ISP (or worse). Am I correct in being concerned?

you are correct, bad idea

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TXR is correct vpn yes, RD maybe. Stremio will scrape a lot of sources and you may not need RD, however it can help with those who have low bandwidth issues.
Always use a VPN with Stremio.
Have fun and STREAM ON!

Thanks, I thought that was the case.

Any app thats not the big legal ones should have a VPN used with them. You cant get away with some using RD as it has its own encryption however your isp will know what app your using.

He is family! Load Stremio, load SS and log in to your acct, load one of the VPN dots or monitors, then explain how it all works together.

I’m not sure you can have SS running at two locations at the same time but I convinced him to get a SS account. Stremio and SS installed and all running well now!


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Repeating what others said. Stremio is great. Use a VPN and you’re fine. I don’t have any other service like RD running and I’ve never had a problem, in fact, I’ve on occasion gone to Stremio when Film+ another amazing app stutters a bit as it’s not torrent based that I can see.

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