Stremio, which version?

Saw the post regarding the latest Stremio update. I’m wondering which version is the best for the firestick (there are 4 available): ARM, x86, ARM64, x86_64?

Find out your firesticks hardware then download the right one. You can download hardware checker to find out. but the one on the RAI will work for your stick, as i pretty sure android 9’s abis supports all of it side from x86, it is a 32 bit only tho.

ARM64, x86_64. Or just download the one meant for android as fireos is android 9.

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If you go to Stremio - Freedom to Stream and scan down the system auto detects which version is the proper one for your device and highlights it.


Yes, the android page has all four versions on it.

I don’t believe you can do that from the firestick(?)

Or just download the one from the RAI. The latest version just changed how it handles m3u, by adding them.


Yes you can. I do it for every stick I program. I use the downloader app. Here is a screenshot on my Max now.

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Ah, OK, use the downloader app. I take it the ARM(32) is the version to use.


As you saw in my pic. On the firestick it will detect your system architecture and highlight the proper version you should use and mark it “Recommended Download”.


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