Stremio warning on NVidia Shield

Whenever I try to play media using Stremio on my NVidia Shield I get a new pop-up warning that “Network Data Is Expensive” then a Cancel or Use Data option. This only happens on my NVidia. Playing the same media on Firestick Cube produces no warning. Anyone else encounter this or know what is happening?

This isn’t a Stremio issue it’s an Android issue and from users, who note this on certain devices, like phones, it’s a false warning and on most devices has neen corrected with updates. You can install IP TOOLS to monitor your system and report whether you’re using data or WiFi on your connection.

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Thanx, Miki, your advice is always solid. I have seen you recommend Stremio to others and it’s my main go-to app for everything movie or TV. Real Debrid is optional but honestly, I never need RD. Stremio is GREAT for those with data caps. Rarely do I find Stremio lacking what I’m looking for, but Tea TV is a good back up and that is all I need. IMDb app (not IMDb TV) is a must to find and evaluate what to watch. Thanx again, Miki,


Don’t forget, in Tea TV you can add m3u lists to get live TV.
Have Fun and STREAM ON.

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