Stremio Update New Features

So stremio released an update, now version 1.4.23
For those of you who love Trakt, Stremio now has a Trakt Scrobbling Authenticate option in the settings. Many of you have asked about Trakt in Stremio and with this update it’s now on there.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


That’s neat. Havent tried it yet, i may later on. Thanks for the update.

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Here are the latest Stremio app improvements.

Mark videos as watched on long press
Support for auto-selecting embedded subtitles
Progress from external players: VLC, MPV, MX is now processed in Stremio
Improved player navigation when binge watching
Added Trakt settings
Updated translations
Updated Cinemeta

have fun and STREAM ON.

Was just setting up stremio. Isnt it possible to add rd? I see no settings but I sure thought it used to be there.

Isn’t there two setups for stremio one with real debrid and one without. And you want to set it up on your PC or laptop because of the API key is super long you have to paste it.

There kept both topics into one as its the same.

There is a way to set up Real Debrid. Add torrentio and in there is the option to add a premium provider. As many have suggested doing this on a computer where you have Stremio installed is the easiest as the API key is long and copy/paste on a computer is easier. Now if you can’t find torrentio then enter the following into the search in the stremio addon module and it will give you access to the json catalogue of addons.
Torrentio is there. @Throttlejockey there is only 1 Stremio and then you install the addons you want.


Just took a little coffee to bring me back :upside_down_face:…that waas it the long api key was why I had opted out on the box. I may go back abd do the deed to set it up…in another cup or two… :+1:

I actually copied it down and entered it on the stick. Got it right the first time. Helps to be a genius. Now what was I doing? :confounded: :confused: :hugs:

Well if memory serves me right(issues with that :grimacing:) Stremio is basically cloud based and my customizations should be carried from one install to the next. So I installed stremio as a flatpak and set it up there with ease. I will check the android this evening to see if it all took. :face_with_monocle:

It will. If you already have it set up on a device you just need to install it on any other device, open it, log in, and your entire setup will be loaded.

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yeeeehaw :crazy_face: …<<< more dots for longer reply :roll_eyes:

Trying to download Stremio 1.4.23 recommended version and get the error msg “Downloading not supported at this time”. I have version 1.4.20 installed now. On Nvidia Shield, using Silk browser, Nord VPN is active.
What am I doing wrong?

This is the download link.

Yes, that is the site I used to attempt download. Used Silk Browser to navigate to site, then got error msg.

Try going there using the downloader browser. Remember to delete the old version before installing

Thanks guys,

I just uploaded the latest version to the Rapid App Installer if you’d like to use that for installation.


Awesome, thanks for updating!

I just downloaded the android and it downloaded perfectly. Don’t go to the playstore or app store. Download directly via the above link.

Or use the RAI as its now been updated.

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