Stremio Update 1.6.7 Now Indicates New Episodes

This new update on stremio that I have on shield pro now indicates when there’s a new episode for a series. On the shows picture icon there will be a plus one or plus two indicating if there’s one more new episode or two more new episodes.

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So far it hasn’t been accurate on my Shield Pro. Some show +3 and there is only 1. But at least it shows something

That’s what I like about my 4K Maxx. Stremio will show you which new episodes are on. The version I have on my tablet also shows me what’s new. So I’m with you I’m glad they’re doing something. The version I have on my PC shows me a calendar for the month with dates of which new shows are coming on.

oh ya I get all the upcoming episodes showing, but on some it shows +10 and that’s a full season I already watched. Then some show +1 and that’s a special at the end of a season and not part of the actual series. So they got some tweaking to do.