Stremio tutorial

this not only applies to stremio but several other tutorials. when you provide instructions on setting things up half the time what you describe and what actually happens trying to set things up are totally different. i don’t know if you’ve gotten too big to the point you feel you dont need to provide the support you used to or not but it’s been really piss poor lately. Example: I’m setting up Stremio on my Firestick and when I get to the point where I’m searching foir Torrentio, it never shows up int he app. I get a Lite Version and a Brazilian version. You fail to mention this scenario in your tutorial.


So time’s you need to look for your self or ask questions that is what this forum is for. There are a lot of people here with a lot of knowledge all you have to do is ask not bash . there is a big search button right on top try it



The tutorial works fine. You could also go to addons and switch to community on the top right.

The reason we do the search is because you want the main torrento which access all the torrent sites info.

No need to be rude about what your asking you could simply ask for help here or ask questions on it as alot of us use it regularly. You can also msg staff if you want to talk about the tutorials if you think something is wrong, you do not need to be rude about it. That will not get you anywhere.

As mentioned above you can also search.

Edit: I’m going to close this topic because there is no sense arguing. Feel free to pm me or any other staff if you want to talk more about it. I will be willing to help you if you need, next time just ask no need to be rude.