Stremio tutorial issues

I just got the latest newsletter which included the latest Stremio update. Tried to install it with the Real Debrid option. I got to tell you, that is one of the most confusing install instructions I have run across. It says to copy the code you get from the R/D apitoken but never says where to paste it so I enters it long hand. Seemed to work but now when I try to access a movie, the links on the right hand side include a subscription link and a torrentio link that states Invalid RealDebrid Apikey token. Long story short, nothing works. Has anyone had success loading stremio according to the tutorial? Did you open an account or sign in as a guest like the tutorial instructed you to do?

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For me I find it easiest to set it all up on a computer. Stremio is cloud based and after intalled on pc that setup will carry over to all your other devices with stremio installed and all you need to do is login.

Did you fill this out? In there is the line that says debrid provider. Click that choose your provider and enter your API key and install. And like Mr. TX said, it’s easier to copy and paste on a computer. As Stremio is cloud based once you have it installed logged in, and configured on your laptop or computer you only have to install it on any device of your choice log in on that device and your entire setup is applied without any more input from you.
In order to use all the configuration options including addons you have to be signed up and logged in. The free login is extremely limited.


Hey Miki - thanks for coming to my rescue…again. Sorry to sound like a dufus, but how do I configure on a laptop, start an account etc? Those instructions in the newsletter switched between the FS and computer. I did fill something out just like the link you sent. Most importantly, is Stremio worth all this frustration? I currently have The Crew, Magic Dragon and Seren. I also have Syncler.

when i try to set it up on a computer and try to watch a movie, I get Netflix, Apple TV…

You install it on your laptop. The reason is because of the ability to copy and paste. You really don’t need Real debrid with Stremio though. Even without it, it pulls tons of sources. So until you decide if you need another source of Movies and TV series, I’d just install Stremio, load all the addons you need for movies and series and then add Real Debrid another time. Torrentio is the best addon of the lot and can be used without the addition of Real Debrid. That way you can use it without problems and give it a good test run. Just be sure to use a VPN.

Can you tell me if it’s safe to log in to Stemio using “iCloud - Hide My Email Address”?

I’m sorry but I don’t have iCloud or anything “i”. Now if that is an email account then I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in any Stremio app on any device. As for security I can’t honestly say. I do specify that using a VPN with Stremio is a must for your security.


Do others try to update and it’s 1.4.4 and not 1.4.23. And nothing in it concerning Trakt. What gives?

Trakt Scrobbling is under the hamburger>settings>TRAKT SCROBBLING>Authenticate.

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I ran into the same issues when following TP’s instructions for Stremio. The guide did not work for me either, which usually isn’t the case with TP’s stuff either. Trying to access the Torrentio addon while logging in as a ‘guest’ was futile.

I used a burner email address andwent ahead and registered. The set-up was much easier using a computer and, like Miki said, all you have to do to set up other devices is install the app & then link the new device with a phone or computer.


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