Stremio: Torrent is being downloaded to debrid…

Occasionally I get this message on a green screen when I click on a Torrentio/RD link in Stremio. The screen returns to the list of links and clicking on that link again produces the same result.
Grateful if anyone can explain what is going on.

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Change your setting for Real Debrid for cached torrents only. Otherwise, the file downloads to your RD account and you have to get the file from there to watch it.

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Ok thanks, I will try that.

Very odd. In my Stremio it clearly shows “download” and as I don’t record or download I simply don’t click the download link. The ones that play directly are RD+ and clicking those simply plays the movie. So if you want to download click the one labeled download, if not, don’t.

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Doh! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks Miki - you’re a star

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