Stremio, Orion, RD playback erro

I have Orion with RD authorised as a Stremio addon on my FS max. In every RD link I get the message

Oops Player Error
Stremio encountered an error with this media

I don’t get this message with non-RD Orion links or with Torrentio RD links.
Stremio is Version 1.5.0 (Thanks Miki). I have uninstalled and reinstalled Orion and reauthorised RD.
Any ideas anyone? As I get many links with Torrentio I might just uninstall Orion if I can’t get an answer.

Apologies if this should be a separate topic but I tried to use an external play (MX pro). In asking for this under settings it said that Stremio had to run in foreground, which I agreed and Stremio was restarted. When I then used a link a box came up for me to choose a player. I selected MX but then I got stuck on scrolling down to select either the Once Only or Always box. Grateful if anyone can explain what running in foreground means (an Android novice here!) and whether they have had this problem selecting an external player.


Are you using free orion? you only get 10 links a day. orion is my main source of everything, i put rd into orion and let that search its much faster.

It sounds like to me something is ether not syced in stremio properly or your paid subs is up. Orion wont play anything after your 10 links a day. If you get the same links on stremio as the paid links just use the non paid links. I think something in the settings needs to be setup it almost sounds like what i mentioned above. I say this because on my ugoos and laptop i use stremio with orion and rd and no error on paid links.

I am using free Orion so that might possibly explain it, but I’m not sure why non-rd links play fine but rd ones give the error.
As I get loads of excellent rd links with Torrentio I will probably abandon Orion as I can’t see the point of paying for something I don’t need.
It is good that there are so many options for streaming that we can each come to a way that works, even when the solution is different.
Thanks for your response.

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Orion is a very underrated indexer. i have a yearly sub and i pair it with syncler. When used with orion supported apps the speed in which it finds links is amazing.

Now back to your issue, is your real debrid up to date? and did you setup the api key into torrentio properly? otherwise it will fail. You dont really need rd with stremio but its helps just incase you cant find those premium links

As I said in my original note I am up-to-date with rd for both Orion and Torrentio. To make sure with Orion I went into the Orion Panel and reauthorised rd but it made no difference. I forgot to mention that I have the same problem with Stremio/Orion/rd on my Mac.
I have no problems getting links with Torrentio. I agree that Orion finds links very quickly and although Torrentio is a bit slower the speed is acceptable


Did you authorize RD in orion panal and not Torrentio? Or did you do both? Something is strange here. What i would is re authorize in torrentio only. Delete everything from your RD devices on the website load up your api with your preferred settings and try again. I know this may be a pain but RD should work and you should be able those links. If every single RD link is doing it but the non links are fine its pointing to a sync issue. I could be wrong. I cant recreate the issue my self.

If I may I’m going to jump in here and explain my setup. Not sure it will help but ya never know. So I have Orion free in Stremio but never authorize RD in it. I do authorize RD in Torrentio where I add the API. This then displays in Stremio seperately and both come up instantly upon choosing any movie or series. So mine display paid links at the top, then free links (to many to count) Then Orion by itself(No RD) about 18-20 sources, then immediately below that is about 6 more free links, usually lesser quality then comes my [RD+] Torrentio links, then [RD download] Torrentio. I’ve never found a link that returns an error, although some may buffer but that’s not unusual in any app.

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Sounds like a good scheme, Miki - after all you are the Stremio king! My set up is like yours but with Orion/rd. I think I will just deauthorise rd in Orion and run with that.
Like you I am a very great fan of Stremio and it is my go to app.


I think running rd separately would solve the issue. Hopw that works.

I’ve had Audio and Video issues with MX player on some setups (but not others, interestingly). I now use VLC player by default and haven’t had any issues at all.

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We also have a guide on it here as well which is pretty much the same, the only thing id do differently is do it on a computer.

Lol. Figures. Here I thought I was adding something new and didn’t do a search this time. Can you say Brain fart?


The other user above brings up a good point, Try using the internal video player or switch to vlc or just player.

So do you pay for both RD and Orion services?
Curious about Orion.

Yes, i dont always encourage it based on people with limited budgets.

I shall pm you if you like.

Would you?
I would appreciate the info.

Does Orion pull any non-torrent links?

The vast majority of Sources are torrents, I might even go so far as to say they’re all torrents, but I’m familiar with torrents and have absolutely no problems or concerns using them.


Even syncler and kodi its all torrents uploaded and redistributed.

The issue with stremio is there isnt any server sided encryptions, you are directly decoding and viewing the torrent. Without a vpn this is a issue.