Stremio Orion Add On


Just a question out of interest.

What is the effect of installing Orion twice, which provides a warning, that you are installing a duplicate?

Thank you

It’s a glitch. I had to go into my stremio re setup oron once while it was open on the pc and it worked. One thing i find is if you are fixing or editing anything its best to uninstall orion and reinstall it to avoid that duplicate. Everything will work fine with them there but you can take it out.

@TP-Dracoo Many thanks. Yes, i did uninstall and set it up again.
But, when i first started with Stremio, i actually had 2 versions installed, because i was still in the learning curve.

But after i uninstalled the second version, i never noticed a difference from having 2 versions installed.

Because when you do change things, it does save to the cloud/server so you can just uninstall one. Thats why i think its a glitch.

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