Stremio not updating programs

Stremio quit updating episodes on my shows.
Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?

Same issue here. Not even showing the " continue watching" of the last thing i watched.

Have to manually update the last episode as watched within the tv series as well. Might be a glitch.

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Mine is working perfectly. Are you talking about the new Trakt option? I don’t use that but all my episodes show a checkmark once watched and shade the background. This is on a 4k Max so depending on your device things might be a bit different. I just fired it up. All the episodes I watched last night are updated with a check mark.

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It works just like that for me on my 4k max.

4k max. I don’t use the trakt. What streamo used to do is it would tell me what’s new for me on the board and would show the updated or the newest episodes for each show I watch. It quit doing that. Yes mine does check off the shows that have already watched and it does show the dates of upcoming episodes but it used to on the board tell me when I had a new episode.

No issues and works fine here.

Still does all that on my Max. Stremio 1.5.8. As your setup is stored in the cloud, simply uninstall the one you have, reinstall the latest from Stremio - Freedom to Stream and then open it and log in. My only thought is that there is some corruption in your installed copy. You won’t lose anything with a reinstall.

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Ill give it a shot. My PC did the same with stremio. Wouldnt update. I’ll close this out and see if it updates.