Stremio Login Problem

I’ve installed Stremio on a new ONN device.
I do have a Stremio account.

Opening Stremio, I get the Scan the code or the login link options, but not the manual login option.

Using the scanning option links me to my Facebook account, which does not have my Torrentio & addons for some reason.

When using the login link, it shows that my device is linked on my computer, but the ONN never changes to the home screen.

I’ve used the manual login on several devices installing my addons with no issue until yesterday & today.

I’ve already done all the deleting data, force stop, uninstall-reinstall stuff with no success. And I’ve submitted a help ticket, but haven’t heard back.

So two quesions:
-Is there a way to force the app to the manual sign in option?
-Is there a way to delink the Stremio account from the Facebook account?

I like using Stremio, but it has turned out to be a PITA at times to install.

I’m not sure what you did but when you open stremio you should be prompted with a login… Once you sign in it auto signs you in.

That happened to me on the latest update to 1.5.6 I uninstalled and used Troy’s RAI and installed 1.5.5 Problem solved. I hope someone informs Stremio and gets this resolved. My recommendation is DO NOT UPDATE to 1.5.6


I think Miki hit on the answer.

I didn’t upgrade to 1.5.6 so i had no idea that was a bug, im sorry. Thanks for pointing it out.


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