Stremio Links All Debrid


When i load a movie etc, some of the links show " AD torrent download".

When i click on the link, it produces a green screen, " uploading to All Debrid" for 30 seconds.

And then nothing.

Could someone please explain this to me.

Many thanks.

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I don’t know how AD works but with RD the “download” links do exactly that, download the vid to my account. I never record anything as VOD can be accessed whenever I want. So what the exact process is I don’t know. Maybe try a search. I did see about downloading on their site. Go there, log in to your account and read their tutorials.


@Miki Many thanks. I will need to look into your suggestion.

I presume, when you say RD downloads the video to your account, you mean RD account.

So, if AD does the same, how and where do I access that video, or VO D?

I was hoping in my lack of knowledge, that it would be somewhere on my Stremio.


From my quick read they actually have a “downloader” section on their site. Log in and look down the bottom. Then search for their FAQ section as well and look for any “download” references. Yes I use RD, yours is AD.

Many thanks again.

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Is your issue resolved? I see a soultion. And im not sure how all debrid works but if its anything like rd the process should be similar

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Not really. But i did not want to keep disturbing @Miki

On the AD website using my phone
there is no download section. It has torrents section.

When i open it, it shows links to be unlocked. So i click on " unlock and save.

But when i return to stremio and try to play a particular movie with AD TORRENT download, it returns me to the green screen, " downloading torrent and nothing.

Just a wee bit beyond my technical comprehension.

So, i will give it a miss. And try another app.

Thank you.

Its not disruptive just its better to mark a solution for when one is found. But do read up on this, troy does have a guide for rd for torrents, just not all debrid. This topic has a timer if it closes before you get to it just shoot me a pm.

It’s down the bottom. Small print

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Ok…will search for Troys topic and see if i can get a better understanding.

Thank you

If you have an All Debrid account then go to their site, log in, and start reading. There will be a FAQ section as well as tutorials somewhere maybe even a blog or “telegram” link. Sorry but you have to read as I don’t download or record, nor do I have an All Debrid account.

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@TP-Dracoo @Miki

Many thanks. Have just visited the site>downloader>generate links etc.

It downloads outside of stremio and plays through my set top box player/ downloads.

Many thanks for all your help


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