STREMIO keeps Crashing on Fire stick

Stremio keeps Crashing on Fire stick!!

Try doing a thorough cleanup of cache and what not, also a reboot of your device and or also your router. See if any of these things help.

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I’ve been with Stremio for years and only use Firesticks. Can you give us a bit more info please. When you say “crashing” what exactly do you mean. Dies it lock up? Shut down? Kick you out to “home” screen? Do you get any warning pop ups. Have you cleared cache? Run Fast Task Killer? Completely removed the Max from power and unplugged from the HDMI port, shut power off to TV. Let everything cool down and while doing so reboot your modem. Then put it all back together and start it up. Make sure your Max has around 1.5GBs of free space. Amazon says you only need 500 MBs but I found many many issues with that. The best thing I ever did was add an OTG USB powered hub and added a Sandisk 16GB USB Drive and a mini keyboard. Keeps my Max with at least 2.5GBs free. Also make sure you use “house” power and not the TV’s usb port, and use the HDMI extender to keep the stick away from the TV and allow airflow all around it. Overheating sticks have been a problem in the past.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Hi, yeah it will freeze up and then kick me back to home screen! I rebooted cleaned out all the junk and it still does it.

All I have left is to uninstall Stremio and make sure you have the proper one from Stremio - Freedom to Stream and reinstall. Log back into your account and test it.

Ok, sure appreciate all your replies :+1:

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Does it freeze up & kick you off while your vpn is running? Have you tried without your vpn?

Well I’d really like to resolve your issue. Stremio is a great app. One more question, did you load any new addons before this started happening? The reason I ask is that there may be a conflict so uninstalling recently added addons may isolate and fix the issue.

Haven’t tried it without the vpn don’t wanna cha nce it.

You’re just opening the app…you’re not connecting to a torrent stream…

Oh ok I’ll give it a shot.

Nothing is leaving or coming into your local network when you just open the app…I just want to see if your vpn is affecting anything :cowboy_hat_face:

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Well that didn’t work lol. Froze up then headed for home!

Uninstall, reinstall, log in and then test it.

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What Miki just suggested…also, I believe the latest good version is on Troy’s RAI…

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Ok will do, thanks for your help!


Let us know…Miki is the Stremio/Firestick guru…he may have a few more tricks up his sleeve if this reinstall doesn’t pan out :cowboy_hat_face:

This from Stremio

We recently discovered a critical bug in Stremio that might cause the app to crash on launch if you’ve recently installed addons. If you’re experiencing this, please reinstall Stremio from

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Yeah I will, gonna give it ah try,thanks!

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If that fails, you may need to reset the stick to original factory spec and do a clean install of everything.

Which firestick are you using?