Stremio ExoPlayer & Android 12

I have an ONN 4k box and a Mecool KM2 and also a KM2 Plus, all with Stremio as my preferred choice, with ExoPlayer, which I find excellent. It works flawlessly on the KM2 Plus, but on the others, after about half an hour, the picture starts to stutter. I’ve tried all the settings and nothing has fixed it and the only thing is to come out of the stream and then go back into the same stream, where it’ll play for another half an hour and then repeat.

The only similarity is the ONN & KM2 are on Android 12 whereas the KM2 Plus is on 11.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or is there a way to downgrade the OS?


Good day @Soulsurfer . Have you gone into the Settings>Playback and made sure you have enabled “Hardware-excelerated decoding” ? Then experiment with enabling “Tunnelled Playback” on the devices you’re having issues with. Under Frame rate matching choose “Frame Rate only” or “Disabled”. You should be able to mix and match these settings to give you smoother playback. Be sure under “Server” for “Torrent Profile” you select “Ultra Fast”. That should do it. Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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I’ve sorted it… I think.
These are the settings that work for me, and the key is to force stop Stremio before trying out the new settings.

Fingers crossed it’ll continue to be trouble free😃

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