Stremio doesn"t update on shield pro

Stremio will not update new episodes on shield pro. It does update on my firestick. Im new to shield. I checked all settings, didnt see a problem.

If you use the same account on your shield then login on your stick that show should show up on both. This is news to me as everything works fine. You are talking about the same show? Which is available and out?

Yes, my account with stremio is on both and the list of shows are identical however firestick indicates new episodes under label " new for you" , shield doesnt indicate at all. Shield displays stremio differently than firestick.

Your fire stick is likely running an older version of Stremio.

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I was thinking the same thing thats a possibility too. I have logged on stremio on every device i own and this hasnt happened to me. But i dont own a shield so im not sure.

The latest version of Stremio is different. “New for you” is gone and links are displayed horizontally instead of vertically. I preferred the layout of the prior version.


I preferred the older version where it’s not horizontal so I did not update it on my 4kMax, only my original 4k.

What do you mean? The latest Stremio on my 4k Max still displays “New For You” in a horizontal scroll line. I honestly have no idea why anyone would use that as it isn’t accurate at all. New for me displays series episodes I’ve already watched. I simply go to my library>series and pick whatever one I want and all episodes and future episodes are displayed with the ones I’ve already watched checkmarked as watched and episodes not yet released have aN “UPCOMING” White lettering on a green background.


Which version are you running? Mine is 1.5.7

I have 1.5.8
lalalala 20 letter limit reached. lol.

Sorry guys I was out of the talk for a minute I had to go outside and do some yard work before our next weather hits tomorrow. Yeah I’m kind of disappointed that the $200 box won’t give me the new episodes that the $35 box will. I don’t know I really like the way it shows up on my fire stick.

Wingrider is right that’s what the difference shows on between my two sticks. I haven’t checked the differences if it’s in the versions or not.

That has nothing to do with 200 vs 35. Alot of us are not having this issue. Try different app versions

Id use 1.5.8 works and as @Miki stated it is doing what you ask. Mine is doing the same thing his is. So something is weird here.

Shield 1.5.7, firestick 1.5.8. On my pc stremio gives me a month schedule of all my shows!! Bad a## ! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

On my firestick I’ve always had an entire season or month of active shows displayed.

Google Play Store shows ver 1.5.8 for Android, unable to find any mention of this on Stremio blog or webpage, can anyone provide any insight? : Stremio (

“Google Play Store shows ver 1.5.8 for Android, unable to find any mention of this on Stremio blog or webpage, can anyone provide any insight?”

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"we made a release with a manifest flag changed to return support for samsung dex to mobile app after the android tv release

both mobile and android tv share the same app id, but this is a mobile only release"

Stremio - Freedom to Stream

Downloaded streamio 1.5.8 all good now. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Thanks guys!! :wink::wink:

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On my PC it shows an actual calendar and what days it shows are going to be played new episodes.

I use downloader and I downloaded right off the stream of website. When I first got the shield Pro Google automatically downloaded all these apps to my home screen and I guess it downloaded the wrong one. So much for the Google b****.