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Ok, @Miki and others who are Stremio experienced, I got an issue I could use some help with.
I installed Stremio, followed Troy’s tutorial and got it up and running, made sure my RD was authorized and got Stremio to pull plenty of links.
Here’s the issue, I can get sound to play, but no dialogue. I went into settings in Stremio, checked the box for pass through. No luck. On the hardware side, I have my streaming device connected via a optical cable from my device to a sound bar.
Anybody want to take a stab into how I can get both sound and dialogue to play?

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  1. Did you have the sound issue only with Stremio, or with other apps as well. It could be an update issue, check the last changes in settings.

  2. Check the device settings if audio output is set to HDMI, change it back to HDMI.

  3. Restarting the device a few times could help. For other users it helps after restarting 4 times.

Good morning Mr. brown. This is usually a sound setting for your bar.
If you try to play something in Stremio and the only sound you can hear is background sound and no sound of dialogue this might be caused by your speakers settings. In order to fix this issue you have to change your speakers settings to stereo.
Give that a try and let us know please.

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