Stremio Apk Version and Android OS

Well, i did everything Stremio support suggested. Watched 4 episodes of a stream.

Tried to load next episode and back to the issue of " no streams were found and zero addons are still loading.

Same here! Pretty soon they’ll have a mandatory, ad-riddled player…

Any reason you did this?

I’m still on 1.5.8?

I need 20 characters

The Stremio site did not have the 1.5.9 that I could find and I’ve used, and trust, techbigs.

Thanks Dak that worked for me . 1.5.11 is my favorite version. Simple to use and it works. I haven’t had a bit of trouble with this version. I use it on Onn And firestick 4K Max. 4 devices total works like a charm on all of them.

I found 1.5.9 on Aptoide Got aptoide on Downloader.

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Version 1.6.2 for Android TV got downloaded from the play store yesterday . Watched last night . So far everything is fine.But I have saved the file for the version I’ve been using on es xplore just in case.

Good thinking to keep backup. I have my apps backed up to sd card. And have it set up as external storage.

That way, if i need to factory reset my box, the sd card has all the apps and various app versions.

All i have to do is turn on box, go to sd card and install cx explorer or whatever app you use. Then install all apps.

If you just back it up to your internal device, backups are not recoverable after a factory reset.

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs🤣
You may already know all this.

I am using 1.6.6 for Android OS set top box. But i have downloaded previous versions and backed them all up, just in case.

So far, there are no real issues on this version.

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Good call on the Sd card. Hey I like eggs.