Stremio Android Tv V 1.5.7

Anyone using Stremio Android TV Version 1.5.7
If so are you having any issues?

No, not at all really. Working just fine.

I will know shortly, just checked and I was on 1.5.6, so updating and will check


nope, all seems well

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also noticed stremio for android is at 1.5.8, android tv is still at 1.5.7

Curious as to which player you are using?

I have 1.5.8 on my tablet and 1.5.7 on my nvidea shield. If your box is actual android tv you should have 1.5.7

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Updated my FireTV to 1.5.8 . Stremio has a list of changes if you need it.

Also using 1.5.8 on Z11 Pro Max.

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I have V. 1.5.7 and the only thing that seems weird is I have to do all my addons on my laptop and then sync them. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of options in settings.

Other than that, everything plays as normal, and I get the usual number of links.

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