Stremio and Real-debrid

I have paired Stremio with RD. I have searched for a TV series and chosen an episode. The links are all from RD and all say ‘[RD download] torrent’. Clicking on one produces a green screen saying ‘Torrent is being downloaded to debrid……’ When this finishes I am returned to the screen where you can choose a stream but for the next episode. Obviously the episode was downloaded somewhere but I cannot find it or find any way of playing it. Is this something which is available only to registered users (I have not registered)

Go to your real debrid account and look around for the downloads.

Thanks Miki - I have done that using a browser on my Firestick. I looked at the downloads section and found a load of stuff - some which I recognised but others seemed to bear no relation to what I wanted to look at. It seems the two options are to view a link in the browser or cause the file to be downloaded to the Firestick, This seems a bit clumsy - why couldn’t I just play one of them from the Stremio app?
I deleted some of file names - is it my responsibility to do that or will they disappear after a time.
Apologies for my ignorance but I am new to RD

I deleted all my download links. It’s your responsibility to keep your account clean.

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