Streaming apps problems

I’ve been using Cinema and TeaTV for several months and have noticed they’re not updating their tv shows. I’ve got several faves that shows new seasons on prime but these apps are not giving me any links. i’m just about ready to quit using the apps provided on the troypoint app. none of them work. I can get a few tv shows but the new seasons are not available. If there were another place to get apps, I’d try it.


Try doing a manual update on cinemahd and beetv, clear cookies and cache data and restart.

I haven’t had any issues with new stuff not showing.

What are some examples?

Also are you using realdebrid or any of that?

@rkirch1705 We don’t provide questionable streaming apps on the TROYPOINT app anymore anyway. Keep in mind that we’ve always pulled from the direct dev for the application so please don’t say that your problems are because of the apps that are/were in our RAI. This makes it sound like we are changing the code in the apps. WE DON’T DO THAT NOR DO WE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.


Might be slow to update its content, I’m not to sure.

Sometimes it takes a bit from show release to content upload on the app.

Some new shows may take a bit to be uploaded and ready.

Try switching to syncler or even kodi with your real debrid. If it’s there and not on cinema may need to wait for content to upload, however if link is available elsewhere with RD it should be there on cinema. Give those a shot and try.

Stremio is a good one but need a vpn as its torrents

You can integrate real debrid into Stremio and it is an additional source.

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