Streaming and Amazon Prime & Netflix

Although I have IP Vanish It’s getting harder to watch some streaming apps like Netflix & Amazon Prime without not first shutting it off. Some funny proxy message pops up saying that “it’s not supported on this device” is there a work around on this.


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It’s a cat & mouse game. The services keep locking down IP’s & VPN’s try changing


Are you trying to watch Netflix usa while in Canada?

Or one of those streaming services in another country? If so they will Crack down on that.

Netflix and prime can see what country your in based on subscription and if you try to change that it will know.

@Jimmy821 If you pay for those services you could just add them to the IPVanish exception list using Split Tunneling. You just bypass the VPN for those two applications.


@TP-Dracoo True…100% right…

I’m in the United States :us:

Thanks :pray: I’ll configure it for split tunneling

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