Streaming Advice for tailgating

Hi. I am having issues with buffering when tailgating or watching TV while camping. I am currently using an Amazon Firebox (older model) with a 3rd party Sports package side loaded onto the box. I am using my tablet as a wireless hotspot to connect the Firebox to Verizon 4G (with good signal strength). Initially, everything works well, but after about an hour I get all sorts of buffering. I’ve disabled my VPN, but that hasn’t helped.

I’m wondering if getting a different Android box might help, and if so which one? I’m even considering a dedicated MiFi device if that might solve the problem? Any guidance is appreciated!

After an hour of continuous use some apps end up with a big cache. I have one app and one site I go to that does this and the moment I get bad buffering I go to settings>manage installed apps, close app, clear cache, restart app and I’m good for another hour.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that multiple times but it didn’t help

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