Strange Analiti results

I have done some speed measurements using both Analiti and Ookla on my Firestick 4k and I can’t make sense of the results. I am using Expressvpn.

With no vpn in use both Analiti and Ookla gave download speeds of 29-31

With Expressvpn activated the Ookla speed was 25-26, which is what you would expect, while repeated runs of Analiti gave speeds of 34-41
This is strange for 2 reasons - The download speed is higher using Expressvpn than without it, and the download speeds varied wildly.

I am beginning to doubt whether Analiti is giving an accurate measure but my knowledge of how these measuring tools work is zero! Can anyone more knowledgeable than me shed any light on this?

Each app could be using different server locations, with one being significantly farther away than the other. Or your ISP is somehow manipulating your speeds. In either case, your speeds look sufficient for most streaming needs. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it unless you have a need for speed.

Thanks - I hadn’t thought of that. As you say the speed is fast enough for most streaming so I guess the absolute value doesn’t matter much.

Likewise, I get very strange results with Analiti. Reported down and upload speeds in excess of what my ISP says is possible.

I am pleased I am not the only one to experience this.
I am a volunteer in the U.K. for the SamKnows organisation. Years ago I connected a box they sent to my router and this reports my internet performance to them on a continuous basis. I get a report card every month showing my download speed, dropouts, jitter and a whole lot more on a daily basis. For more info check out
They show that my internet speed last month varied between 29 and 31 mbps, which is not far off the 38 max offered by the ISP contract. It is hard to have confidence Analiti when it reports speeds between 34 and 41 - more than SamKnows is reporting and in some cases higher than my contract. I have uninstalled Analiti.
Ookla (Testnetspeed app) give speeds of 29 (no vpn and matching SamKnows) and 25 (with vpn). These are much more believable results and match those reported on my other devices.
Incidentally My house has thick stone walls. I use the very affordable Tenda Nova mesh system to give me good Wi-Fi coverage throughout my home and garden and Zi cannot recommend it more highly.

Just for curiosity I tested 10 different online sites speed test.
Analiti 84
Ookla 35
Spectrum 9 12
M.lab 6
Xfinity 8
And 3 others at 4, 3, and 7

So that goes to show you that there can be a huge discrepancy depending on location and service.

A good bit of research Miki - the thing I take from it is that there is no point in using any of them.

Pretty much. Now I honestly have no idea what my actual speed is. Lol.

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