Storage Space Issues

I have reset my Firestick 4K to factory defaults several times now in past few weeks. After installing apk’s I have about 3.5 gig left out of 5 gig remaining. However after watching movies for about a week I notice that the storage continues to deplete even though no new apps were added. This has been consistent. The apps that I am installing are Cinema, Catmouse, Netflix, PBS and Acorn TV. I have been installing them one at time trying to see if any particular app is causing the storage drain but with no luck. I also use IPVanish . I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.

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You might try to look at the cache and storage used in each app that you have. This does not normally add up to a lot of space unless you have an app that is storing more information than it should.

This information is available in settings, applications, managed installed applications. Then scroll down to each app and the information in disclosed on the right. You can clear the data and the cache by clicking on the app and follow the menu instructions.

Hope this helps.

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Same thing happened to me. I’ve transitioned to Shield TVs and Shield Pros and haven’t experienced that issue.

There are 2 big problems with fire stick storage, 1) 8 mbs of internal storage is barely enough for downloading any apps and streaming much of anything without over taxing your device, and 2) there are proprietary amazon apps like photos that you can’t get rid of that take up valuable memory space. The fire stick was my first device when I got into streaming because it was small and cheap. I quickly moved beyond it once its limitations and drawbacks became obvious.

You need to download a cleaner. I suggest Clean Master. It is quick, easy, and addresses all in one shot.

Clean Master: Go to “FileLinked”.
Enter 64539676, then press continue.
Go almost to bottom till you come to the
"Utilities/Miscellaneous grouping.
There, continue to scroll down until you find
Clean Master.
On the right side, click the green down arrow to download app.
Next, click the same location where the arrow is pointing to the right.
Now follow the install instructions.
Once installed, the operation of the app is pretty much self explanatory.
Good Luck.

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Unfortunately, Cleanmaster can’t get rid of the proprietary amazon apps that take up so much of the internal memory. I found I only had between 1.5 to 2 GBs of internal storage left after downloading my streaming apps and Kodi on my firestick. That is why I replaced it with a good android box.