Stop Apps Using idle resources

There are some apps where in settings in the free versions indicate that the app will be using idle resources on my Firestick 4K. Is this an issue? If so, how do I stop it? Will running a VPN stop it?

No, using a vpn won’t stop it, but it will mean that the vpn server will be the device contributing idle resources and you will be doing so anonymously. If you turn it off, which you can do so in the app settings, then you get ads.

The LiveNet TV app (Amazon version) has an interesting twist on this. In the settings there is a switch where supposedly you can turn on adds. However, when you try to do that it indicates that to avoid idle resources being used, you need to uninstall the app. In other words you can’t turn on adds. So I have a question: If you have this app installed (or other ad-free apps) are your idle resources being used if you aren’t using the app?

I no longer use Livenettv since Amazon took it over and took down the live sports feed. I think it just uses idle resources when you’re using it but can’t say for sure.

Thanks Miki. Just to confirm: LiveNet TV Amazon is now an official Amazon app?

Yes for the firestick it no longer has the version number it now has the Amazon name on it and you can’t get the live streams index just the channels. So if you know what channel is playing what sporting event you have to find the channel and hope it works. It’s in the Amazon App Store now.

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