STB emu (pro) goes to black screen and Connection error message

Recently the stb emu (pro) app loaded on my firestick 4k stopped working and would not load after the Starting Portal section. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, even after all of the data for a new portal was entered and verified, all the app does is open with the Starting portal and then it goes to a black screen and then a dark gray screen with a Connection error message with a timer for reconnecting in 30 sec. Both the stb emu and the service were working perfectly before this and nothing was changed on the firestick. The app and data have been checked and triple checked but it still no longer works. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Yea, use tivimate for iptv.

Thanks. I agree with you. I am riding out a subscription to a service which uses only STB emu unfortunately. I will steer clear of SBT emu from hereon.

Its possible the provider has gone belly up :grimacing:

Thanks for the reply. I think something weirder is going on since today all or most 3rd party apps have stopped working and disappeared from the stick.

Ive seen this happn when connected to google play and install updates turned on and certain apps were removed by play protect.

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I find that this issue occurs sporadically and almost always is cleared after forcing the app to stop, changing VPN location to a different US location and reaccessing the app. (YMMV)

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