Starlink Feedback

I’m searching for firsthand accounts of what it’s like to have Starlink and do streaming. My parents live in a rural area, want to get rid of DirecTV, and are doing a decent amount of traveling with their camper trailer.

Currently, it looks like the startup cost increased to $600 and the monthly service fee is $110. It’s an extra $25 per month for the option to make it mobile. All of this can possibly be justified given their current situation.

If anyone currently has Starlink please let me know if you have steamed stuff using a VPN. Both on demand content and IPTV (verified or unverified).

i have it in fla i get 240 to 290 mps and stream no issues you need clear northfaceing location for it


Might also look into the t-mobile 5g internet? not sure if it can be mobile but I dont see why not. Of course you have to have a tower in the area. $50/month

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What all do you stream? On demand movies and shows, IPTV, all of the above? Any buffering?

Rural area. Not an option.

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all of the above i get a bit of buffering but i think its related to iptv service rather than me
my cabin in nc has fiber optics and i get the same amt of buffering when there
for a rural option nothing beats starlink you need a clear north view for the dish


This would be cool if itnwas available in canada. I plan to move to the country.

Very promising reviews.

I think it is. Expensive though.