Starlink Beta Testing

Has anyone tried out starlink wireless satellite internet? Any pros or cons on its performance?

I recently purchased the product and will be testing it out. It is currently in Beta testing. When it arrives , I will keep updating this topic with pros and cons as how it relates to our hobby and to my frustration from living in the country, far from fiber op and cable tv.
Starlink is boasting data speeds from 50 mb/s to 150mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms over the next several monthes as they enhance their service. For myself, this is a game changer, my current wireless internet is 0.61 Mbps download and 0.28 Mbps upload at $70/month, and 74 ms latency,
Once I install starlink , I will update my progress .
Thanks for all you do, Hammer

Not sure yet, getting mine next Monday :slight_smile:

I have had mine since mid July. The performance is great. I’m getting in the range of 150 to 250 mgbits down and 20 to 40 up. I have not lost any signal even in heavy rain, just waiting to see in the snow. I would highly recommend it if you love in an urban area. Am able to operate 2 streaming devices as well as a number of computers at the same time without any lag.

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It seems the shipping for the starlink equipment is a few weeks away, so my usage update will be after this thread. However there are a few locals to me that have the service in the rural area, here is a pic off their starlink service compared to local wireless internet

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Ok, so product arrived, it is a very simple setup, one dish, stand, modem , power supply and 100ft off powered insulated ethernet cable.
Even with a 97 % signal setup, I am streaming 1080 on cinema whike streaming live sports on two other devices, there was no lag nor buffering.
I couldn’t test it much as I had to get to work but at first try, It seems like a great product for us country folks.
The dish has power to it and it pans the sky connecting to Its sattelites. It also is heated from the insulated cable provided which will melt ice and snow off it.
With wifi calling enabled , you can use cell phone through it and it works better than the land line.
We will be stopping that land line bill for sure

So at first glance and trying it out, it works perfect, in the next few days I will try some differant downloads and uploads and see how that goes
Happy testing folks, Space X’s Starlink gets a 10 out off 10 from me, if you can swing it , the initial purchase is a but costly but considering what your buying, it works itself out over time
Enjoy your day folks


Final Post on this Starlink Beta Test
I am extremely pleased with this item and the service, here is a pic off my network speeds, currently starlink


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