won't open

Installed on the downloader but the apk won’t open. any thoughts?

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sideloaded mine works fine

Used downloader and it “works”. Most of the streams are in SD and kinda fuzzy. If you are cheap and don’t want to pay for an IPTV service, this is a way to go.

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i dont judge people and would certainly not call them cheap no need for comments like that


I side loaded, followed tutorial and works fine.


I wouldn’t call people cheap ether, alot of people here are on a fixed income so they have to prioritize their spending. Especially when it comes to whats better for them like iptv or real debrid.

The app works fine


Cheap? Absolutely not, what works for you might not for others.
It is simply down to choices and it MUST be respected.
Sportsfire is a very decent and user friendly app and that’s all that matters


Pls can you confirm your device?
If it is the Chromecast with Google Tv on Android 12, I’m afraid it won’t work.

Hopefully the Sportsfire developers will do something about the app not working on Android 12

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