SportsFire "trying to reconnect"

ime jealous @Miki wish i had a top of the range system like that :rofl: :rofl:

This is what it looked like when he bought it. You cant ever let go of the “never obsolete” computer. :rofl::rofl:


Yeah that’s your only choice VPN won’t matter. Now if you have an unverified IPTV service you will typically get access to just about every Local Market affiliate in the country for ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. I just counted the number of the above local channels and it’s 265 give or take a few :rofl:

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what size hammer should i use to get it like that

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I had one of those eMachines, it got a virus and it locked it up and shut that thing down and even The geek squad couldn’t bring it back to life

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Streamfire was working great for a few months but now getting lots of “Trying to Reconnect” messages. Maybe too many people trying to access the stream (I don’t get a choice of streams - you get what you get).

all free apps have problems but for the price i will keep using them :rofl:


ref streams i think you only get a choice on sportsfire

She ought to run real cool with all that ventilation.

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I was thinking of splurging and adding a water cooled jacket.

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