Sports addons please

Hi everyone we in England are struggling for good sport’s addons any ideas please thank you joe

I guess my question is Why is everyone so hung up on ad ons and apps for sports. I never use any and never miss one PPV or any match I want to watch. How you ask? Easy. Silk browser and tons of links. I’m watching the motorcycle racing from COTA in Austin Texas without one second of buffering or freezing. I’m talking every single sport from cricket to soccer. Btw, this includes any live sport from Europe. If your only challenge is making sure you have the time zone conversion corrected to your local time then I think it’s a no brainer.

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So what links would you be using Miki?

If your using Kodi:
The Crew:
Mad Titan Sports: Index of /repo
You can find install instructions for the Crew on and for Mad Titan on

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LiveNet. I am in Spain and it works pretty well. It will give you Sky and BT and loads more.

Go to Downloader. Enter the url When the web page opens scroll down and download and install the LiveNet for FireSticks option.

Once it has installed go through all the accepting terms etc. Once you have done that and the home page opens click up once and then right as far as you can then up onto the settings gear wheel. Click to enter.

Click down the list until you come to you come to Hide Categories and Hide Countries. Go into each one and put a check mark against anything you don’t want to see (dfo not put a tick against International) click OK at the end of each page to confirm. Click back and you will have a much more manageable home page. MX Player and XYZ Player work well (often one works where the other doesn’t) XYZ Player can be installed by clicking on it when you are given the option to select a player.

A paid IPTV service has always been the best for me for sports. No wasted time searching for links and closing annoying ads. Apps always seem to come and go as well and the streams aren’t always the best.

Here in North America Amazon has taken over livenettv and stopped supplying live event feeds. Now it is nothing more than a channel supply source and for that there are far superior products. I have always been a “free” firestick guy. So I search hi and low to get everything free. I am always amazed at those who look for sports apps or use a cumbersome app like Kodi for their sports. I have 12 urls bookmarked in my Silk browser on my 4k Firestick that get me every sport you could imagine and after watching what I want I then clear the cache, close Silk and wow no added bloat from an app, no updating. If the site goes down I already have others ready unlike an app or having to send a support ticket or try to find replacement apps from a reputable source free from adware or malware.

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