Sport HD not updating any streams

Anyone having issues with sport streams on this app, it was working fine upto 25 January , now not showing any streams for live events?

Running leia 18.9

Rising tides is fine also Crew sports,

I have a VPN set to different countries…

Yeah Sports is hit or miss and comes and goes. I do see you are still using Leia. you may want to update to KODI 19Matrix and reinstall the CREW, MAD titan Sports, and GoTo Addons for 19. A lot of the developers are focusing on the 19 addons and I’ve found a lot more Sports Streams on KODI 19

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SportHD app has been down for me now for the last 3 days. I found it particularly handy for the rugby. Loonatics TV n Sports addon is also good for UK, S.A and French rugby.
If anyone else on the forum has found any sports apps that are good for rugby please let us know. Cheers.

Use the silk browser and check these out.

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Cheers. Appreciate that.

I use the silk browser a lot of the time for live sports. Watched the playoffs last weekend and no buffering at all.

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Yes, I think I’m going to have to start doing the same.

I’ve updated to kodi matrix 19.3 and sport HD still not showing any streams, also C goto is not available in the Where the Monsters repo, yet Frankenstein is there.?

Sport HD now working on matrix 19.3 with a new link to view sports.

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