Sport HD App and Rising tides similar problem

I have used these 2 apps in the past to watch English premier league football matches but last couple of weeks they just dont load up the streams or i consistently get a pop up box saying “one or more items failed to play back” etc etc. Any ideas on how to stop that pop up message?

Loaded Mad Titan sports and that has just returned the same message and said check log for more info. I dont know what log i am meant to check.


Try these:

Sports apps and streams.

That link is throwing up an internal server error


Use a different browser, it works fine.

I had no problem with Rising Tides today watching EPL 3pm game U.K. time

Every link i went on just brought the pop up box saying one or more items couldnt play. Check log for more information. I even set up a new Firestick 4k with latest versions on and the first link i went to on Rising Tides brought up the same pop up box. I didnt bother looking at other links as my patience had run out.

You have to add the log reader in Kodi. Not that it will do you much good. There is also a log uploader that you can install so you can send the error logs to someone that will know what to do.


I think something was installed incorrectly. Remeber to have the right version of kodi, most of this stuff wont work on kodi 18. Some onky work on kodi 18.

I have tried it on both kodi 19 and 19.3 with fresh installs of the add ons. When they work they are good but lately i have spent pretty much an hour trying to get one of the links to work by which time i have missed half the game. I am sure its not an issue with the provider of the links, i feel like its something to do with my stick.


Another thing to consider is these are freely maintained and if they have issues you can be sol. Id look into mad titan or a provider (iptv) might net you better options.

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