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I’m trying to download Spectrum TV using APKpure.com but the file goes to my downloads and if I try open it the message reads “the specified path do not exist” I’m using Google browser and I try to look for security settings for enable apps unknown sources but I can’t find it, so any one has advice how to do this, I’ve trying to download Spectrum TV to install it on a Mecool KM2, thanks


Last I knew, it wasn’t available to side load. I could be wrong and I am trying it now on my Shield Pro. It’s not in Google Play Store on mine. I did find it in Aptoide TV app which I downloaded through TP RAI. I don’t use Spectrum TV, so I don’t know if it works, I just know its there


Yeah I tried the Aptoide but still I can’t see the file it gives me the same message, thanks for replying

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Do you have a file explorer? If so, check there and try installing it from that file using the package installer.

Install the downloader app and then as long as it’s not APKpures zipped/compressed package then once downloaded the APK installer should start. I’ll see if I can find you another trusted source. Remember to use a VPN and once installed do a virus scan with something like defsquid.com

Hi tried using the Spectrum TV app unsuccessfully on Firestick , various android boxes and a Sony google TV as well as a Roku device. The only device I had that plays Spectrum TV was the Roku. Spectrum tech support advised that Roku and Samsung are the only TV devices currently supported by spectrum. Spectrum claims in the future the fire stick will be supported.

I did like the quality and performance of Spectrum App. It’s too bad it is so limited.

I find that odd as clearly under the “variants” there are apks for android 5.0+

Spectrum is most likely a xapk file which is pure’s little appish thang… I think Powefader had a point . If you have a file explorer and can look inside your download folder then look for the spectrum .apk and click it…see what happns

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Can’t hurt to check? I have had to do that process before, and it worked. Idk if this issue will or not, but it only takes a couple of minutes and click to see.


There are a ton of tutorials about adding it on Firestick. Sorry but I don’t want it so I’m not going to read up on it, but the instructions are online.

I tried it on a firestick a while back and it’s clearly not designed/optimized for that hardware. Surprising as the Amazon devices are rapidly catching up with Roku. I use the Roku for Spectrum but pretty much only for that.

Did you read some of the articles? You may learn something. But anyway if it’s something I really wanted I certainly would at least read the articles that say it can be installed on a stick just to learn. Good luck.

Of course I researched it first. And yes, I did get it installed, but it was awful - almost impossible to use. Uninstalled and bought a Roku for Spectrum.

Perfect. What were the major problems you encountered? Did it require a keyboard or Mouse Toggle? Your knowledge may help others. Tx.

Well, the mouse toggle requirement was a big one one, but it just didn’t work well on the firestick (laggy, unresponsive, lock-ups, etc). It was available for download on Amazon for a while but I don’t see it any longer. I think they realized it wasn’t working and got rid of it.

Most likely. Ya I’m with you on the mouse toggle. I leave an otg cable with a dongle for my 2.4GHz keyboard plugged in to test apps that need a mouse. More responsive, more functions and very inexpensive.

How to Install Spectrum App on Firestick 2022 [With Images]

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Well, downloaded it from the link above to see if it had improved any in the interim. Installed it, ran it, and guess what - nope! The app say to proceed you must update it from the amazon store, takes you there and amazon says “app not available”.

What a sh_t show!

What version is the app they want you to have? Whats going on is they want you on latest version which is a good thing but amazon app is not either updated or allowing the app.
But with a quick GAS search I might be able to dig it up. No promises tho.

They don’t say. Screen just says update the spectrum app - proceed or cancel. If you cancel, it just boots you out, if you proceed it takes you to the amazon store and says unavailable.