Spectrum internet blocking sites

I was trying to download sports fire onto an onn box connected to spectrum home internet. no vpn. in downloader app after i typed in the address a page came up that said “spectrum internet has blocked this because it is harmful”… or something like that. There was no option to “allow anyway” or anything like that. I had to turn my hotspot on from my phone (t-mobile) and it worked just fine. anybody else have this issue? apparently spectrum blocks sites, the same sites for the apps that google play protect deletes if you don’t disable playprotect

Never seen an app blocked but have seen an app throttled. VPN on= out of site…out of mind :crazy_face:


You have spectrum router?

after the app was installed, it worked fine on spectrum internet… spectrum just blocked the website to download it from…

A few months ago i got an email from spectrum about malicious websites i had visited and they alerted me.

I realized my vpn wasn’t on at the time. I didn’t try to download anything but was probably trying to watch a game or ppv.

Bottom line…get a vpn and keep it on when needed.

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i have tmobile internet at home, but sometimes i will program a friends box or do updates at the local bar, they have spectrum and wasnt using a vpn.i guess it is a spectrum thing. tmobile never gives me any grief, as i have programmed many boxes at the house.

yes it was a spectrum router. think a different router might make a difference? a vpn is a no go at that location

I have Spectrum and use their FREE equipment. I also use Express VPN 24/7. I have not had any issues in the 2 years I have used Spectrum.

Get a decent vpn and do a complete unplug. Then use your vpn all the time. Just whitelist the apps that don’t need a vpn.

Besides, I believe Spectrum’s lowest speed package is 300Mbps. So, speed should never be an issue even when you’re using a vpn.

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If you’re using Spectrum hardware for your wifi, they bake in security features that will cause this to happen.

One particular feature is their “Security Shield” that blocks suspected unsafe and malicious websites.

You should be able to adjust the settings of this feature within your spectrum account or app.

If you continue behind a VPN, it would never be an issue, otherwise go and see if you can de-sensitize or turn off this feature within your account or app.



Ok, I think I replicated your issue.

You will need to use a vpn. Then that will allow you to open the official Sports Fire site to download and install.

Also, I just now downloaded the Sports Fire apk from a 3rd party site, Softonics, using Downloader without a VPN. It downloaded and installed without issue. All channels played properly.

So, you can get it using a 3rd party site without a vpn or use a vpn and get it from the official Sports Fire site.

Imho, I would get a vpn. Especially for sites such as this. There are plenty of free VPNs available.


This is the procedure to whitelist sites you wish to allow using their Security Suite app.

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Thanks for the info! I wasn’t even aware that spectrum had a security app that i could access. I just assumed it was spectrum itself blocking sites. I use Tmobile at home, and have no problems. I was at a friends house who bought the new Onn pro. it buffers like crazy. Then we hook back up his older Onn box, access the same apps and such, and no buffering. odd. I have tried the pro box hooked straight to LAN and wireless… Same results. I am going to try restarting the box to factory settings and try again because other pro boxes I have set up are working fine.

Any buffering on the ONN Pro is on your end. There are many of us using the ONN Pro with Flawless performance

i have several pro boxes with friends and family working just fine. Just that one giving me issues. When I set it up, it would tell me limited connection. I would have to go in and forget network and then re add it, sometimes 2 or 3 times before it would get a good connection… But his older box works fine with no buffering, so its either a setting within the box, or possibly a bad box. I am going to bring my box to his place and see if my box gets buffering issues also. if no buffering on my box, then I guess factory reset and reload on his box. If I still have issues, exchange box at Walmart… Thats all the troubleshooting I can do. Any other ideas?

Hyperfiber does the same

They update their security you have to call them and have them turn off security shield