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Can someone help me get my wife’s novellas? I am new so please step by step instructions. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

I don’t think you necessarily need a Spanish addon if you have real debrid or another multihoster subscription. What matters is how you setup Kodi and/or the addon you’re using.

If are going to be switching back and forth between two languages frequently then I suggest you download two instances of Kodi and setting the default languages differently on each. You can do this by installing a fork of Kodi like the one found in the Troypoint toolbox. Go into the main settings of Kodi itself and in one of the sections you can change the primary language to Spanish. You can also set the subtitles to Spanish or English if you want those. If you set the subtitles to forced only then the subtitles will only show up when a second language is spoken during the movie or show. For example, if you’re watching a show in Spanish and then they start speaking English, you will see subtitles in Spanish only during the English speaking parts. If you want to see subtitles the whole time then set them to the language you want.

There is also an option in the language section of the Kodi settings that says something about choosing the preferred audio stream. You can turn this off if you switched the language.

Once you have made these changes your addons should find sources with studio streams that match your preferred language by default. They will start playing in the default language unless there are no streams available that match that language.

When it comes to searching for something to watch though, you’ll either need to do a search for something specific, or you will need to find an addon that has categories such as novellas.

Thank you. I tried changing the language setting to Spanish. I searched novellas and it showed several after searching but when I tried to play them there were no streams available. I can not remember the build I used for a short time but it had several add ons in it already like crew, nightwing and several others. But I would like to find a Spanish Addon to download for my wife to use. She is NOT electrioniclly inclined. Took three days of making her doing everything on a fire tv getting to Kodi then getting into the crew and searching tv and movies to be able to watch on her own.

Does it have to be Kodi? Try an independent app.

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Will give it a try. Thank you very much.

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Sorry I can’t help with kodi, I don’t use it any more. Please let us know if this app works for you. Good luck and have a great day.

Got it loaded can pull up but can’t get anything to play.

I got it working on my Nvidia Shield Pro. The big problem is you will need to install mouse toggle, or as I do, use a mini keyboard with a dongle plugged into your device. Then you can navigate and select any options you want. gl2u

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