Somehow my 'my Fire TV' has lost the options heading!

I have reset my stick to factory settings and options is nowhere to be found. HELP!!!

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Options? Do you mean settings? If the gear icon is missing then try holding down the home key on the remote for several seconds and a window will pop up with some choices.

Np, still only have Legal, Sleep, Restart, Reset to Factory Defaults. But Thanks

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I’m sorry, but if this is on a Firestick then pressing and holding down the home key will bring up the following

Now when on the home page do you not see the top line of stuff for you to access. The gear icon on the far right is your settings.

Those settings you are talking about are in the “My Fire TV” panel. Are you trying to activate the “Developer options?” If so at the top of that list you should see “About”. Click on that and then you should be on the “about” panel with “Fire TV Stick 4K Max” highlighted. Click enter 7 times on the name of your stick and developer options will activate.

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