SmartTubeNext - Ad Free YouTube App on Firestick/Android

Originally published at: SmartTubeNext - Ad Free YouTube App on Firestick/Android

This guide will show you how to install SmartTubeNext for Ad-Free YouTube on Firestick, Android, and more. SmartTubeNext is becoming a popular ad-free YouTube application that works well on streaming devices. This appears to be a clone of the well-known Smart YouTube TV app, which has now been showing ads according to our website visitors.…


Good evening all. Hope all are ok in these crazy times. Anyone have issues with smarttube next ? I scroll to the very bottom movies and when I select one it keeps saying sign in to view. I’ve tried signing in to YouTube and smarttube it just gives a code and tells me to enter it. I’ve tried and still to no avail can not seem to sign in to smarttube next. Any help would be great. I’m trying to set up a firestick for my father in-law and he can’t stand the ads but likes YouTube movies. Thanks in advance and be safe in these trying times :+1:t2:

I have had that same problem. I paused my VPN and things cleared up for me.

Is there anyone else having issues when starting up SmartTubeNext on Firestick? Whenever I boot it up it just hangs at the home screen with the loading circle for at least 5-10 and sometimes even 20 minutes? I also update it whenever there is an update available and it still does it. It cant be my internet since I have xfinity 1gig fiber connection as well. Im seriously thinking about getting Nvidia shield pro to replace it but I dont want the same thing happening to that either. Any input is appreciated thanks.

I tried installing SmartTube on my Nvidia Shield TV and get an error message
“This app was built for an older version of Android and doesn’t include the latest privacy protections”

help? :slight_smile:

LHave tried using SmartTube on both my Fire TV cube and the Walmart onn. The screen keeps scrolling through titles and won’t stop. I have un-installed and reinstalled the app numerous times to no avail.